Delegation from Osaka Prefectural University Kendo Club

A delegation of 40 kenshi from the Osaka Prefectural University Kendo Club (Osaka Fudai) including both current students and Alumni will be visiting Melbourne University Kendo Club in late March. Their objective is to come to Melbourne to experience "life overseas", as well as doing some kendo. 

They are lead by Masayuki Hamaguchi sensei, 8 dan kendo, associate professor of health and sports science. Joining him are eight 7 dan senseis, four 6 dan senseis (one of who is female), 16 university students and a number of other OB/OG kenshi. In previous years, the delegation have regularly visited the Canadian Kendo Federation through their close relationship with the Toronto University, but this year, they will come to Melbourne and visit Melbourne University kendo through past relationship of a couple of MUKEN members and Shinoda sensei.

Key dates for kendo are as follows:

Thu 27/3    Informal keiko at Melbourne Uni (1700-1830)
Sat 29/3    Official Goodwill Keiko at North Melbourne Recreation center (1430-1630), followed by dinner/welcome party (time/venue TBC) - ALL VKR MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND

More details will follow in the coming days. 

Please let me know at training if you are interested in attending.


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