How to iron your tenugui

 Wrinkled tenugui look terrible. That's just how it is. Not only that, they become harder and harder to wear the more wrinkly they get.

Solution? Simple. Iron it!

 Fill the iron with water and switch on steam function. Set heat to "cotton".
Usually there will be a deep wrinkle along each long edge. Start there.

 Make sure the iron gets in and really flattens that wrinkle out.

 Go right along the edge. Do the same along both edges. Don't worry about the middle for now.

Next, fold it in half.

Now iron the middle.

Fold it in half again.

...and again. Iron both sides...

Now your tenugui is done. It will be easier to wear, and it will look better when draped over your men. Ironing your tenugui is definitely sensei no waza!

This post is a not-so-subtle hint that I want all Nanseikan members to have ironed tenugui at training!


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