Osaka Fudai visit

Here is the Victorian State Kendo squad versus members of the Osaka Fudai team starting their friendly team shiai last Saturday at the North Melbourne Sports Centre in Arden St.

Members of the VKR and Osaka Fudai delegation pose for a photo after training at the first dojo and before training at the second dojo (a.k.a. the Great Northern Hotel in Rathdowne St)

Last Thursday's giant training at MUKEN with close to 150 people; 50 of those being MUKEN's new beginners' course members. You can see the Osaka Fudai students' men all lined up on the left with matching tenugui.

Special thanks to MUKEN's Sugimoto sensei who did the lion's share of the organising and chaperoning. Thanks to him the visit was a great success, and all Victorian Kenshi now have a welcome extended to them whenever they are in Osaka.


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