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MUKEN Taikai tomorrow — updated schedule for competition

Thank you to all who have registered to compete or assist with shinpan duties. Due to changes in the venue booking, we will have to alter the starting time for the MUKEN 25th Anniversary Taikai. The event will now be from  1:00pm-6:00pm.  Shiasha should arrive at 1:00pm for registrations and shinai weigh-in, and shinpan no later than 1:30pm. Please refer to the schedule below. Any further questions should be directed to MUKEN 25th Anniversary Taikai Schedule:   1:00    Dojo Open - Registrations and Shinai Check 1:45    Opening Ceremony 2:00    Beginners             Junior Kyu - Up to 4 Kyu             Senior Kyu - 3 - 1 Kyu             Children's E xhibition Shiai             1st & 2nd Dan             3rd & 4th Dan             Closing Ceremony             Jigeiko 5:30    Close Regards, Jularaj Suthibutr President Melbourne University Kendo Club

Samurai movie festival at ACMI

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Saturday 17 May - training plan

As you know I will be away this Saturday. So I'm writing this plan as a bit of a guide as to what to do: usual cleaning and warm-up routine. Suburi after mokuso and rei, do some more suburi, focusing on: both arms straight at the end of the cut; bring elbows together by wringing hands inwards left heel off the ground at all times, especially when going backwards then men tsuke and 'NSK Kirikaeshi" (this will be first half of training):  men following through twice; a third men and motodachi retreats, kakarite cuts 4 sayu - men forward, 5 back, then follow through with men . Rotate and repeat this sequence three times with different partners kote following through twice; a third kote and motodachi retreats, kakarite cuts 4 sayu - men forward, 5 back, then follow through with kote . Rotate and repeat this sequence three times with different partners kote-men following through twice; on third kote-men motodachi retreats, kakarite cuts 4 sayu-men fo

Bogu and kogusoku display at Brunswick Secondary College

Here is a display that we have created in the school library at BSC. The aim of the display is to encourage and inspire our Kendo students by showing the connection between bogu and kogusoku . I've added extra bits and pieces such as a BSC tenugui, a Japanese sensu (fan), an imitation sword in shirasaya (storage mounting; unfortunately not historically accurate but it was the only 'spare' and 'safe' sword available!), images of close-combat armoured fighting from the Yagyu Shingan Ryu, and sundry books on or by samurai (pick the famous front covers!). A beautiful coincidence is that all our year 8 students will be commencing their study of Shogunate Japan in Humanities class from this week and for the rest of term! The display has really created quite a buzz at school, among kenshi and non-kenshi alike. Click on the photo to see it by itself. Click on it again after that to make it full size once more.

History and making of a Japanese sword

Came across this excellent doco from the "Beginning Japanology" series by NHK. Keep an eye out in the first 10 mins for footage of iaido from the annual 8th dan Taikai in Hakone. Simply awesome. The kata they are demonstrating is, I think, from the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu.  

6th MUKEN Taikai

members of MUKEN at a recent Nanseikan Kangeiko, performing the dreaded ' Shibashi ' pose. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the University of Melbourne Kendo Club (MUKEN). Here are details of the invitation to take part: To all members of the VKR, The Sixth Annual MUKEN Taikai will be held on Saturday, May 24th, at the University of Melbourne. The date also marks the club's 25th year, and as such a celebratory dinner will be held after the tournament. MUKEN would like to invite all members of the VKR to compete in the Taikai, and also attend the dinner following. Entry is $10 per head. The dojo will be open from 12:00pm. Please find details of the day on the attached flyer. Please note that the details for the dinner are yet to be confirmed; these will be released as soon as possible. There will not be a set menu - everyone will order their own meals. Mains will be in the $20 - $30 range. If  you would like to compete, please inform your