Bogu and kogusoku display at Brunswick Secondary College

Here is a display that we have created in the school library at BSC. The aim of the display is to encourage and inspire our Kendo students by showing the connection between bogu and kogusoku. I've added extra bits and pieces such as a BSC tenugui, a Japanese sensu (fan), an imitation sword in shirasaya (storage mounting; unfortunately not historically accurate but it was the only 'spare' and 'safe' sword available!), images of close-combat armoured fighting from the Yagyu Shingan Ryu, and sundry books on or by samurai (pick the famous front covers!).

A beautiful coincidence is that all our year 8 students will be commencing their study of Shogunate Japan in Humanities class from this week and for the rest of term!

The display has really created quite a buzz at school, among kenshi and non-kenshi alike.

Click on the photo to see it by itself. Click on it again after that to make it full size once more.


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