MUKEN Taikai tomorrow — updated schedule for competition

Thank you to all who have registered to compete or assist with shinpan duties. Due to changes in the venue booking, we will have to alter the starting time for the MUKEN 25th Anniversary Taikai.
The event will now be from 1:00pm-6:00pm. Shiasha should arrive at 1:00pm for registrations and shinai weigh-in, and shinpan no later than 1:30pm.
Please refer to the schedule below. Any further questions should be directed to

MUKEN 25th Anniversary Taikai Schedule:

1:00    Dojo Open - Registrations and Shinai Check
1:45    Opening Ceremony
2:00    Beginners
            Junior Kyu - Up to 4 Kyu
            Senior Kyu - 3 - 1 Kyu
            Children's Exhibition Shiai
            1st & 2nd Dan
            3rd & 4th Dan
            Closing Ceremony
5:30    Close

Jularaj Suthibutr
Melbourne University Kendo Club


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