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new name for 'Nanseikan kirikaeshi'/deadline for entry to Victorian Kendo Championships

Everyone who has been training recently knows that we have a new format for kirikaeshi at Nanseikan. For those who haven't been at training, it goes like this: men cut following through past the motodachi men cut following through past the motodachi back the other way men cut follwing through but motodachi retreats to maintain distance nine times sayu-men (four forwards and five backwards) men cut following though past the motodachi The great advantage of this format is we can practice kiri-kaeshi and kihon at the same time. However... Our members still need to know how to do 'standard' kirikaeshi for the purpose of gradings. So in order to distinguish between 'standard' and 'Nanseikan kirikaeshi', from now on we will refer to Nanseikan kirikaeshi as: kihon uchikaeshi This reflects the fact that we can change the format of this kirikaeshi to have kote or do instead of men . When performing kihon uchikaeshi, we will start by using the

James' hitting dummy design - a do it yourself kendo uchikomidai

One of the most popular search terms that leads people to this blog is "hitting dummy" or "how to make a hitting dummy". James has sent through pictures of one he made himself, simply by putting a men onto a free-standing punching bag. A great solution! Adjustable height, heavy base. Everything you need really. And much cheaper than a 'real' one like Bob. Thanks for the idea James. I'm going to be checking my stats regularly to see how many hits this idea gets!

2014 Victorian Kendo Championships - details

This year I think it is time we entered individuals and perhaps also a team into the VKC. We will also be expected to supply volunteers to help out with the running of the event. So below are the details of the event for your reference. We will discuss this at training over the next couple of weeks before the next beginners' course starts. We will also focus on shiai reiho and strategy. Please consider your availability for both competition and also helping out. Victorian Kendo Championships 2014 30 – 31 August, 2013 Venue: Victoria University, Footscray Park Campus, Ballarat Road Court 1, Level 1, Footscray Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre (Building L) Time :          Registration 8:00AM ~ 9:00AM Competition: 9:00AM ~ 5:00PM Events: Day 1 – Saturday, 30 August 2014 1.      Women’s kyu individuals 2.      Men’s kyu individuals 3.      Veterans individuals 4.      Women’s dan individuals 5.      Men’s dan individuals D

Term 3 starts next Saturday

See you all then! And well done to Andy who experienced his first shiai this weekend at the annual Otsuka Memorial Taikai at the Kenshikan. Next year will be the 25th anniversary, so we should all pencil it in to take part.