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Nanseikan training relocating and bye

Three things will be interrupting our usual training in the coming weeks. Beginners especially, please take note! The first thing:   Because of St Pius X Primary School's 60th anniversary preparations, we will be training at the Kenshikan on Saturday 23rd August for one week only. The Kenshikan is located at 91-99 Rosslyn St West Melbourne . This means that if you need to borrow bogu, to take it home with you after this Saturday's training. Training will be from 9am til 11am as usual. Please make sure you get there with time to get ready so we start on time at 9am sharp. The Naginata group has kindly moved back their training to 11am instead of their usual 10.30am start to accommodate us and let you sleep in a little longer! The second thing:   Following the week where we train at the Kenshikan, the Victorian Kendo Championships will take place on both Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August . For this weekend there will be no NSK training. However all NSK members not c

Kiriotoshi by Takizawa sensei — repost

As mentioned at training today.