Term 4 starts next week

click on this picture of a dragon fly to see it even bigger. Dragonflies are called either tonbo or katsumushi and are a favourite symbol of Japanese swordsmen throughout history

Term 4 starts next Saturday 11 October. We will train until 13 December.

The Victorian State Elections are currently scheduled for 29 November, which means on that day there will be no training as the hall will be used as a polling booth.

Also, I will be in Japan from 15/11 to 29/11 so I will miss three trainings (15/11, 22/11 and 29/11). In that case I will nominate one or more of the senior students to open and close the the dojo, and to run training.

Saturday 13 December will be our annual shochugeiko; our all-day summer training and farewell to 2014. It will go from 9am until 5pm.


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