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Tsuki uchikaeshi at Nanseikan

This is a recent version of uchikaeshi, it's our way of practising tsuki as part of the uchikaeshi pattern. Here you can see katatezuki (one-handed tsuki). The pattern is five tsuki, nine sayumen (four forward and five backwards) and then one tsuki to finish off. As you can see in the video, after each tsuki, the motodachi has to absorb a bit and moves back a step. But of course there is no follow through in the sense of going past the opponent. We also do a morotezuki (two-handed tsuki) version of the same pattern. We also practice tsuki-men uchikaeshi, usually using katatezuki in order to practice hand agility in releasing and regripping the tsuka.

Ozawa sensei does debana kote

Watch for his body movement after he makes the cut. The video should start at 1:00, but if it doesn't, that's where to start watching. b

Osaka Kendo Police performing kirikaeshi

Also as mentioned at training this morning.  b

2015 Victorian Kendo Championships

I helped out at the VKC today and I really think we should aim to enter a team next year. Some of the competition from day 2: women's team and men's open team events Posted by Nanseikan Kendo Club on  Sunday, 16 August 2015

New beginners' course starts today

So for all new beginners, please click here to download the Nanseikan Beginners' Course Manual.