September grading results and term 4 start date

Congratulations to those who passed their kyu gradings last Sunday. There was a huge group, 97 people in all, making it quite a long afternoon. As usual the biggest group was 6th kyu and the smallest was the last group, 2nd kyu.

Next term starts on 10 October. It will be the day we first use our new joseki, which I'm very excited about. Ever since the club first started I've wanted the joseki to be a piece by Ishihara sensei.  The second thing I'm very excited about is related to this, but won't be ready for the start of term.

Yes, it's our very own NSK tenugui. The club has needed one of these too, for a long time, but cost and not having a suitable design got in the way. Now that we have a suitable design, the cost was surmountable. Couldn't order as many as I would have liked, but hopefully enough for now.

It is being produced by Zen Sankei. Cain Lee was a great help at every step. They are highly recommended for bogu. A little on the pricey side sometimes, but Cain, being a Melbourne boy, always has time for customers from his hometown. Indeed he is the go-to guy for our club zekken.

I've always imagined the NSK logo being a big part of any tenugui design for the club, but when it came down to it Ishihara sensei's calligraphy deserved to have the stage to itself. Even having our club name felt intrusive. The final result works well though, a balance between art and information.

I'm hoping we'll have it by the end of the year. Every current member will receive one for free, and have the option to buy more at cost price.


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