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New training format in term 4 2015

Please note a new training format page under the tabs above. This new format is being trialled to maximise our short time in the dojo. It puts the onus on Nanseikan students to practice more suburi at home, to free up time for kata practice and intensive shinai kendo training.

Mumeishi 3s 25th anniversary competition

This year I think we can aim for at least one team if not two: let's make it happen! Dear All Australian Kendo Renmei Affiliated Kendo Club, It is with great excitement that we invite you to join in the celebrations of Mumeishi Australia’s 25 th Anniversary event by participating in the 2015 Mumeishi 3’s Kendo Clubs Championships. Date:              Saturday December 5 th 2015 Location:       Beaconhills College Human Movement Centre 30-34 Toomuc Valley Road Pakenham, Victoria 3810 Melways Ref: 317 A4 Time:               Doors open 8.30am for warm-up/registration                         Opening Ceremony 9.30am                         First match 10am Cost:                $40 per team of 3     ·       Each club may register two teams (A and B). ·       Competitors are to be registered on the seperate registration form. ·       Teams are to be comprised of 3 kendoka wit

New tenugui have arrived!

Our first ever Nanseikan tenugui! Beautifully printed by Zen Sankei in Japan they are a faithful rendition of Ishihara sensei's calligraphy "shuu sho ichi nyo".

Do kirikaeshi drill by primary school kids

Kaeshi-do drill. The Japanese caption says the first kenshi is in grade 3, the second in grade 6 and the last in grade 2. Don't feel inadequate! :) b

Japan's best high school kendo training routines

Komeda Toshiro sensei, instructor of Kyushu Gakuin Kendo Club This video is part of a series focusing on successful high school kendo clubs in Japan and their training methods. The two schools here, one girls' club and one boys' club, have a range of interesting training drills. Although the level may seem daunting, there's still a lot we can learn from watching the movement of these young people, namely loose, flexible wrists and smooth footwork. The schools are Yatsushiro Shirayuri Gakuen and Kyushu Gakuin, both in Kumamoto Prefecture.  

STOP PRESS! This Saturday's training CANCELLED.

I've just been informed that the hall will not be available this Saturday because the school will be having an event. Sorry about the late notice. I was told about it earlier in the year but didn't have a firm date. We will be on as usual the following Saturday.

Term 4 starts this Saturday

Term 4, the last term for 2015 starts this Saturday 10 October. This term we will be trialling a new warm-up and cool-down format that puts more emphasis on the cool-down. The warm-up will be much quicker and we will get into bogu and be doing kihon much faster. The warm-up and cool down format will use some basic Yoga poses as the starting point, concentrating on correct posture as well as the usual benefits of stretching and balance. This term we will spend the first hour to hour and a half on shinai kendo, and the second part on Nihon Kendo Kata . We will also have a look at how our usual training drills tie in with the latest knowledge on High Intensity Interval Training . While it is up on iview, this Catalyst program is well-worth watching. I'd be interested to know your thoughts and experiences in this area. EDIT: Check out this guy as well. EVENTS On a date in October (possibly Sunday 22nd) , the VKR will be reinstating the Victorian Junior Kendo Champ