Japan's best high school kendo training routines

Komeda Toshiro sensei, instructor of Kyushu Gakuin Kendo Club

This video is part of a series focusing on successful high school kendo clubs in Japan and their training methods. The two schools here, one girls' club and one boys' club, have a range of interesting training drills. Although the level may seem daunting, there's still a lot we can learn from watching the movement of these young people, namely loose, flexible wrists and smooth footwork. The schools are Yatsushiro Shirayuri Gakuen and Kyushu Gakuin, both in Kumamoto Prefecture.



  1. Why do they use different shinai for hayasuburi? Is it a suburi shinai or is there another function for the other shinai?

  2. Do you mean the dark-coloured shinai used by the girls' school? The caption says it is a special shinai that weighs 840g, which is twice the weight of a girl's high-school shinai. Can't tell what it's made from... too many pixels died in the making of this video. I would guess it's solid wood but made to look like a shinai. I've not seen them before. b


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