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Happy New Year 2016

あけましておめでとうございます! I look forward to training with all of you in the coming year, 2016, the Year of the Monkey.  Let's work hard to lift each other's Kendo!

Star Wars - Origins of the Light Sabre Duel

So here it is, the doco on the connection between Kendo and the swordsmanship of Star Wars. "You just took your first step into a larger universe." Enjoy.

2015 Shochugeiko

We were lucky that a mild day was forecast for this year's Shochugeiko. A smaller crowd this year, but from my point of view, probably the best gasshuku yet in terms of what we covered and how well we did it. Here's the crew who started the day... ...this is just before the final session, taken because Gazzaniga sensei had to leave to meet Tashiro sensei at the airport... ...and at the end. Mostly still smiling... The tell-tale sweat patches show that it was a good day! I will post soon on Shugo-Nanseikan with a technical summary of the day and a reminder of the main points. In the meantime, before you go into the break, a good opportunity with the hot weather forecast for the next week to wash your hakama . Here's a little reminder (for those with 100% cotton hakama): Fold your hakama properly along all the pleats and wash in luke warm water in a large trough or in the bath. I use wool wash mixtur