2016 Beginners' Handbook - download it from Google docs now

not the actual cover!

I have just spent a little time updating the Beginners' Handbook. If you have just started the beginners' course, please take a moment to print yourself a copy.

The purpose of the book is to cover just the basic procedures so that you can more quickly remember what you need to do and how you need to do it when you are in the dojo. It's not a handbook of techniques per se.

The things it covers are:

  • Pronunciation of Japanese words
  • The Dojo
  • correct attire and safety
  • how to kneel down into seiza and stand up again correctly
  • etiquette procedures
  • how to hold the sword
  • basic stances
  • basic footwork patterns
  • basic Japanese terms used in Kendo and their meanings
  • what constitutes a valid strike in Kendo (yuko datotsu)


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