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VKR/AKR memberships due next week

As mentioned at training, annual memberships are due. For seniors (16 and over) it's $70. Juniors are $40. If you could bring money to training next Saturday that would be very helpful.

New zekken for new members

Now that everyone from the last beginners' course is in full bogu, it's time to start thinking about buying your zekken (also called a nafuda). This is a personalised bag-shaped cover that fits over the centre flap of your tare, and shows your dojo and name. These are both useful, and necessary if you ever want to enter a competition. Zen Sankei in Japan make our zekken for us. They have a special page set up where only Nanseikan members can enter their details to order a Nanseikan zekken. You just input your name, and also the size of your tare. Because they are small and light, I don't think postage is very much. But you might like to find other people who want to order them together and save on postage. Cain Lee is the man who runs Zen Sankei Australia. He lives mostly in Japan but visits Australia regularly and is a member of Melbourne Budokai.

Membership update

After you've finished reading this post, enjoy this great video of oji waza (counter-attacks) from a very kind Youtube user in Hiroshima. If you go to the Youtube page, you'll see they've given the timing references for all the different techniques displayed. I love the calligraphy "do" 道 at the end of the dojo. For everyone, both our most recent beginners and our ongoing members, membership fees for the Australian Kendo Renmei and the Victorian Kendo Renmei are due by 15th June. Why the 15th? The VKR has recently introduced a cut-off date for memberships of the 15th of each month. This is to allow for processing. Remember the VKR is a small organisation run entirely by volunteers. So if you need to be registered as a member by the 1 July, then you need to get your application in by 15th of the month before. Half year memberships These don't apply now, but will be relevant to those who join the August beginners' course. Half-year memberships