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Eiga Naoki - "A Single Blow"

This is one of the great Kendo docos. Although filmed with a ham samwich, A Single Blow nonetheless deals with a lot of important aspects of Kendo competition: how to deal with a slump in your performance; the difficulty of maintaining the desire to win when the desire the win can be the very thing that slows you down; and the bigger picture of Japan facing Sth Korea's onslaught, and what it means to be the world's top Kendo nation.

2016 Victorian Kendo Championships information

Click here to download the following info in pdf format Victorian Kendo Championships 2016 13 – 14 August Venue: Victoria University, Footscray Park Campus, Ballarat Road Court 1, Level 1, Footscray Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre (Building L) Time: Registrations 8:00AM ~ 9:00AM Competition 9:00AM ~ 5:00PM Events: Day 1 – Saturday, 13 August 2016 1. Men’s kyu individuals 2. Women’s kyu individuals 3. Women’s dan individuals 4. Men’s dan individuals Day 2 – Sunday, 14 August 2016 5. Men’s kyu teams 6. Women’s kyu teams 7. Veteran’s individuals 8. Kata Pairs 9. Women’s open teams 10.Men’s open teams * Events and schedules are subject to change.

AKR-VKR membership payments now due!

The club has paid membership fees for the following people: James C, Sean, Patrick, Quinn, Ben, Alex, Evelyn (j), Andrew, Chris, Soon Lai, Andre (j), Greg, Anae (j), Yukari, Joshua (j), Rita, Jade (j), James E (y), Ben (j), Jose, Hugo (j). Sorry I made a mistake with the junior (j) fees, They are $45.00 , not $40 as previously mentioned. Seniors are $70. For payment, please email me or see me at training.

Training for term 3 starts this Saturday

Term 3 starts this coming Saturday. See you then! Don't forget training STARTS at 9 am. That means you should arrive at 8.45!

Massive Budo Demonstration in Sydney this November

Click on the image for full size version. Feel free to download and print as a poster for school or work. 

Mid year holiday news

Hope you're all doing your suburi while we're on break! Some news: Kendo Roadtrip Sean and I will be going to Fudoshin Kendo Club training next Tuesday night from 6.30 - 8.30pm. I can take four people in my car, leaving from Heidelberg West at 6pm. First in best dressed! Fudoshin training is great fun and very correct. They often have a national team coach taking training. Casual fee is I think $10. Either email me, IM through instagram or FB, or text me on: ohfourtwotwoonefoursixthreesixseven If you want to go but don't have bogu with you, let me know and we can swing past the dojo. Shinpan seminars There are two levels, an intro level and a review level. Some NSK members would be eligible for the  intro level, please see below: Shinpan Seminars will be held on the following dates Sunday 10 July: 1Kyu to 2 Dan - Review and practice of basics Sunday 24 July: 3Dan and above - Preparation for VKC Sunday 9 October: 1Kyu to 2 D