Suburi pattern

This is the suburi pattern I use every day. It helps me to keep count and the small amount of variety keeps my brain interested throughout the boredom of the repetition! Men uchi is the most important of the movements to practice, but kote and do are also important to ingrain as well. So the majority are men, but there are kote and do as well.

The pattern is renzoku or double-time style: moving forwards and backwards using okuriashi footwork in time with the cut.

20 sho-men
20 kote
20 sho-men
20 kote-men
20 men-do

You can start by having a rest between each 20. But pretty soon if you practice every day you should be able to do 100 non-stop. Then after a while, try 200 non-stop. Then, try with two shinai or a heavy suburito, and so on.

Try my pattern and if you like it, great! If you hate it, make your own!

courtesy of benotdefeatedbytherain


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