Kenshikan training and kyu grading report

Well done to everyone for a great training last Saturday. I hope you all had a great time at the Kenshikan.

Thanks also to Fiona and the members of the Victorian Naginata Renmei for giving up their training time to teach us a little naginata. What an awesome weapon!

And of course on Sunday there were many who graded and everyone passed. Congratulations! Especially to Alex, who showed great perseverance comprehensively conquered his demons. Well done mate, you're now a shining example to others.

We're now on break for the September holidays, but we will be back for term 4 on Saturday 8 October.

Other dates to keep in mind:
  • Victorian Junior Kendo Championships (open to all under 16s) Sunday 13 November
  • Mumeishi 3's Saturday 3 December
  • Shochugeiko and last training for the year Saturday 17 December (9am - 5pm)


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