Kangeiko 2017

And so another term comes to an end. This time with somewhat of a bang thanks to Cho and Wright senseis' energetic training at Tora Dojo. This was the first time Nanseikan has done degeiko, other than the Kenshikan and it was a great success. I was very proud of the standard of Kendo shown by our members, partrticularly as there were so many sensei present. Fudoshin and MUKEN were represented by Maksay sensei, Sugimoto sensei and Chin sensei. The drills that Cho sensei had the juniors doing looked fun, but I couldn't watch because I was too busy keeping up with Wright sensei's relentless waza practice! The Tora Dojo tradition of the second dojo was great too. Pity the pub had already been taken over by hundreds of Rugby fans to watch the match between England and NZ! We'll definitely come again, but I think next time it should be us hosting Tora Dojo to our Shochugeiko on 16 December.

Below are a selection, in no particular order, of some great photos of the day. Tora ones are courtesy of Steve Flahavin.


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