Grading success!

Congratulations to all those who graded on Sunday! It was a huge grading, and there was a great feeling of how well Kendo is developing in Victoria. It was especially great to see so many kids from the Monash club.

In the end the pass rate was 100%. For low kyu grades, this is as it should be. No-one should be arriving at their grading under-prepared, so it means both candidates and their clubs' instructors are doing their jobs.

I was very impressed by our kids' performances. They all did their best-ever Kendo. This too, is as it should be. I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of everyone with their certificates; one of the problems of having my attention split between so many different areas. But this pic I think shows how busy it was in the Kenshikan.

The day went very smoothly. Everyone got to watch the other other gradings too, so you all know what you will have to do for your next one! See you at training.


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