Reminder about gradings and confidentiality

The Victorian Kendo Technical Committee reminds all VKR members of the importance of confidentiality in regards to gradings. Please see the statement from Macak sensei below.

The gist of it is that grading panels members do not know how other members vote. It is completely inappropriate to try and find out which panel member may have given you a failing grade. If you inadvertently find out, please keep the information to yourself and also let the VKR know how this information came to be in your possession, so procedure can be tightened preventing this happening again.

Panel members are approachable for general feedback from their point of view. They may or may not choose to tell you which way they voted, however by asking them directly you put them in an invidious position. Better to just seek feedback on what aspects of your Kendo need work before the next grading. While it is hugely disappointing and frustrating to fail, you should remember that in Kendo there is no limit to the number of times you can try, nor is there an age limit on how old you can be to grade. Just keep trying.

To all VKR Members:-

Confidentiality of Grading Panel Assessments

All members are reminded that the deliberations and assessments of Examiners on Grading Panels are confidential.

Examiners do not see each others’ decisions, and it has always been expected that the grading sheets as collated will be kept confidential by the officials handling this task.  The actual result (Pass/Fail) is all that is made public.

VKR officials at Grading Examinations have been instructed to ensure that no-one not directly involved in the collating and recording of Examiners decisions should be in a position where this information may be visible to them, and all members are strongly requested to ensure that they stay well away from the recording desk, lest they be suspected of trying to undermine the confidentiality of the process.

If anyone inadvertently does gain some knowledge of these matters, they should respect the confidentiality of the situation and make sure such information goes no further.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yakov Macak
Chairperson VKTC


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