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Wednesday night training is on this week!

And should be every week from now on for term 4. However for updates, click on "subscribe" in the masthead above.

Term 4 starts this Saturday + lots of news!

Welcome back! Term starts this Saturday. It will be good not to be freezing at the start of training! We will start with iai at 8.30 for those interested. Below is lots of news with  Action  items highlighted. New member We will be welcoming an adult visitor from Japan who wants to recommence her Kendo training while she studies English in Melbourne. I'm not sure how long she will be staying in Australia but that's something to look forward to nevertheless. Wednesday night training There will be no Wednesday night training this week (11 Oct). I will be unavailable next Wednesday (18 Oct) but training can go ahead if there are enough people who want to go. Action : Let me know this Saturday at training. Cherry Blossom Festival Kendo Demo Also, the Cherry Blossom Festival is this Sunday and I'd like to know who, apart from Sean, would be interested in taking part.  Action :  Please see previous post on this blog for details and let me know as

Kendo demo at the Cherry Blossom Festival

We have been asked to do a Kendo demo at this festival from 12.30 to 1pm. Ideally it would be great to have four people there to demonstrate, but the more the merrier! In 30 minutes I would hope to do some Kendo kata and also some shinai Kendo in full bogu. If you are interested in taking part please let me know.