Term 4 starts this Saturday + lots of news!

Welcome back! Term starts this Saturday. It will be good not to be freezing at the start of training!

We will start with iai at 8.30 for those interested.

Below is lots of news with Action items highlighted.

New member
We will be welcoming an adult visitor from Japan who wants to recommence her Kendo training while she studies English in Melbourne. I'm not sure how long she will be staying in Australia but that's something to look forward to nevertheless.

Wednesday night training
There will be no Wednesday night training this week (11 Oct). I will be unavailable next Wednesday (18 Oct) but training can go ahead if there are enough people who want to go. Action: Let me know this Saturday at training.

Cherry Blossom Festival Kendo Demo
Also, the Cherry Blossom Festival is this Sunday and I'd like to know who, apart from Sean, would be interested in taking part. Action: Please see previous post on this blog for details and let me know asap.

Victorian Junior Kendo Championships
Will be held Sunday 3 December. More details soon! That means Kaito, Joon, Kyoka, Jack, Joshua -- lots of shiai training for you guys this term! :P Action: does everyone have zekken?

BKC 30th Anniversary Taikai
The big event this term, apart from our Shochugeiko at the end of term, is the Ballarat Kendo Club 30th Anniversary Taikai on Saturday 11 November. It's a great format with the kyu division separated into low kyu and high kyu. I will definitely be going. This means I will not be at training that day. O'Mara sensei says:

"To register individually or via you club please email ballaratkendoclub @  gmail  with your name, grade and club. We have 11 places left for the Dan competition, 21 places left for the high Kyu competition and 24 places left for the low Kyu competition."

So there's no need to co-ordinate entries. Action: Work out if you want to take part and enter yourself. Also, we will need to know who will not be going in order to decide whether to cancel regular training that day.

Details below.

Australian Kendo Team Tees and Tenugui
The Australia Kendo Team is raising funds to support their campaign at the World Kendo Championships next year in Korea. They are offering team t-shirts and tenugui for sale. Please see a previous post on this blog for details about sizes and prices. Action: We need to put in a single order for the whole club before the end of this month.

SLT in London

Finally, it's good to see Soon has landed on his feet in London. He emailed me these pics of the Second Dojo (or "the Bogan Pub" ^-^) and he pops up regularly in the Instagram feed of @eurokendo

He tells me he's already had some good keiko. And I saw he's got a London Kenyukai zekken too! We miss you big guy. Keep sending pics!


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