All NSK members over the age of 18 should apply now for a Working With Children Card.

It is free and the card lasts for five years. When you fill out the form, the volunteer organisation you should put is the Victorian Kendo Renmei:

Organisation: Victorian Kendo Renmei
Organisation Postal Address: 91 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003
Organisation Phone Number: (please email me directly for this as it is a private number)

As a state-govenment recognised organisation, the VKR also needs comply with VicSport's Child Safe guidelines. Please have a read through these:

OBON Society

This is the organisation I told you about at training today. Here is a link to a news item about the Yosegaki Hinomaru (soldier's good luck flag) return that Gazzaniga sensei attended earlier this year:

Please keep an eye out for these flags if you see them in antique shops, opp shops, even museums. 


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