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2018 Japanese Summer Festival - 25 February

Nanseikan has been invited by organisers of this festival to do a short demonstration on the stage at Fed Square. Apparently last year they had over 40,000 people take part! As it is only a 10 minute demonstration, we don't need many people. Chie-san and her kids will be there as will I. If anyone else would like to join us they are more than welcome. The demo will be between 1 and 2pm. On at the same time is the Nittaidai seminar , which I think is a more important priority, so I would be much happier if members chose to attend that instead. Indeed the Nittaidai seminar is over both days, and this also clashes with the first class of the beginners' course. I've decided I will take this beginners' course simply so that as many people as possible are able to take part in the seminar on the Saturday as well.

New Kendo tshirt!

EDIT: I've posted a different pic of the "Thumbs up" kote tshirt. There are quite a lot of garments available including hoodies and windcheaters. There are also iPhone wallets, stickers, tote bags and cushions (!). Their tote bags are really good, I've bought a few over the years and they're really sturdy; perfect for carrying kendogi and hakama, library books or just the shopping. Above is the most basic tshirt available.Could be the perfect gift for the Kendo person/social media addict in your life. Maybe that's you! For those that don't read Japanese, it says "ii, ne!" which means "it's good isn't it!", the Japanese equivalent of "like". Check out the different styles and colours here: PS - this is my original artwork, so as the copyright holder I get a small portion of the fee from each sale. :) b

Chiba sensei's Oji waza

This video is 10 years old this year! It's still a great resource for oji waza. What does debana kote look like when done properly? What about suriage? Or kaeshi? Just watch and you'll find out!

Happy New Year; upcoming seminars

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 is an active and fruitful year for you all. Training for term one starts on Saturday 3 February is an 8 week term . We will start Wednesday night trainings the Wednesday after that. The first beginners' course will start Saturday 24 February. Fees will be the same as last year. Please endeavour to pay for the whole term on the first Saturday. Nittaidai Seminar, Monash Clayton 24-25 February This year we start with a bang, with the visit of these three sensei from the National Sports Science University (Nittaidai) in Tokyo. Yagisawa sensei (K8 dan), Shinzato sensei (R6 dan) and Furusawa sensei (R6 dan) will be running a seminar at Monash University's Clayton Campus over the weekend of 24-25 February. This seminar is being organised by the VKR. Below are details as to how to book, prices, etc. Feel free to go ahead and book if you are keen, particularly if you want to take advantage of the early-bird rate. This seminar will be a gre