2018 Japanese Summer Festival - 25 February

Nanseikan has been invited by organisers of this festival to do a short demonstration on the stage at Fed Square. Apparently last year they had over 40,000 people take part!

As it is only a 10 minute demonstration, we don't need many people. Chie-san and her kids will be there as will I. If anyone else would like to join us they are more than welcome. The demo will be between 1 and 2pm.

On at the same time is the Nittaidai seminar, which I think is a more important priority, so I would be much happier if members chose to attend that instead. Indeed the Nittaidai seminar is over both days, and this also clashes with the first class of the beginners' course. I've decided I will take this beginners' course simply so that as many people as possible are able to take part in the seminar on the Saturday as well.


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