New Kendo tshirt!

EDIT: I've posted a different pic of the "Thumbs up" kote tshirt. There are quite a lot of garments available including hoodies and windcheaters. There are also iPhone wallets, stickers, tote bags and cushions (!). Their tote bags are really good, I've bought a few over the years and they're really sturdy; perfect for carrying kendogi and hakama, library books or just the shopping. Above is the most basic tshirt available.Could be the perfect gift for the Kendo person/social media addict in your life. Maybe that's you! For those that don't read Japanese, it says "ii, ne!" which means "it's good isn't it!", the Japanese equivalent of "like".

Check out the different styles and colours here:

PS - this is my original artwork, so as the copyright holder I get a small portion of the fee from each sale. :) b


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