2018 Nanseikan Kangeiko in Ballarat, 23 June

This year's Kangeiko will be held at the Eastwood Leisure Complex in Ballarat.

The date is Saturday 23 June.

At this stage the plan is to meet at Southern Cross Station to catch the 7.16am train. The train arrives at Ballarat station at 8.40am and from there it is a 5-10 min walk to the venue.

We will finish training at 4pm. At around 5pm we will head to Asahi Japanese Restaurant for an early dinner (5.30 start).

We will catch the 7.13pm train back to Melbourne. The train is scheduled to arrive at Southern Cross at 8.40pm.

The train can be paid for using a standard Myki. The adult fare deduction will be $15.12 one way. Concession is $7.56 one way.

The cost of the training will be by donation. All food, drink and snacks will be BYO.

More details soon.


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