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BBQ this Saturday is on!

OK, so the forecast isn't great, but it's OK. 20 degrees and 10% chance of rain... so we'll go ahead with our barbie at Malahang.  The BBQ will go from  12.30 to 2pm , and I suggest that everyone brings what they need in the way of food and drink to training that morning. It can be stored in one of the fridges in the hall's kitchen. Then we can go to Malahang as soon as we pack up and get changed. I think keep it simple and light. Bring enough to feed yourself and any offspring/family you may have with you, but don't worry about catering for everybody. If your thing is salads, just bring salad. If it's sausage-in-bread then do that. I'm going to bring some of this to celebrate with, you might want to bring something soft. See you at training!

First training for term 2 a great success; AKR membership fees due soon; AKR annual report

Last week we went to Cragieburn Martial Arts centre and filled their Kendojo to bursting. It was wonderful to meet Kevin and Leanne and admire the beautiful training space they have built with lots of hard work and love of budo. I think they also enjoyed seeing the dojo used to its absolute maximum! I'll attach all of the action shots at the bottom of this post. If you would like a higher resolution version of any of these images, please email me. Conversely if you would like any of them removed from this page or from our IG, please also don't hesitate to get in touch. 2019 membership fees due 15 May Annual membership fees are due soon. Fees are (still) $70.00 for adults and $45.00 for juniors. Fees are payable to me and I will forward a single club payment to the VKR by the due date. The AKR AGM was held over Easter. As you may already know Stilts was elected unopposed to be the new President of the AKR. Congratulations! The minutes, outgoing President's Repor

Training is on tomorrow night, Anzac Day

16th All Japan 8th dan Championships

This was held today in Nagoya. I have to admit that most of the names on the list I was unfamiliar with. However Miyazaki Masahiro was amongst them and this year he made it to the quarter finals only. After winning last year in his first 8th dan competition I think many people thought Miyazaki might dominate this competition like he usded to dominate the All Japans (he holds the record as a six-time winner. Onda sensei I know nothing about, however Ishida sensei is very well-known outside Japan. The AJKF have been very quick to upload this year, with it seems nearly all the matches available on their Youtube already. Goran kudasai! Training starts this Saturday (no training Wednesday).

Change of BBQ to Saturday 28 April

Thanks to Kyohei for pointing it out: as we will be training at Cragieburn Martial Arts Centre on 21, we will move our BBQ to the following Saturday. All other details remain the same as mentioned in the original post:

Change of training venue for first training of term 2

On Saturday 21 April we will be relocating training for one week only to Craigieburn Martial Arts Centre  at 2/19 Export Road Craigieburn. The centre has its own Kendo Dojo and is privately owned and run by Leanne Walsh and her husband Kevin. Leanne is also the current VKR Treasurer, and our man Stilts is their Kendo instructor, so there are plenty of friendly connections! We will meet at St Pius at 9.00am so the beginners and others can get their bogu, then we will set out at 9.30 for Cragieburn (about a 25 min drive). Training will go from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon. There will be no special fee for the training, it will just be considered one of our normal trainings. However being the first training of term, our usual fees will be due (term two is a 10 week term). There will also be new shinai and bokuto available for purchase: new shinai and bokuto in bags for beginners... ...and some extra shinai (including more expensive madake shinai) for seniors. I also h