16th All Japan 8th dan Championships

This was held today in Nagoya. I have to admit that most of the names on the list I was unfamiliar with. However Miyazaki Masahiro was amongst them and this year he made it to the quarter finals only. After winning last year in his first 8th dan competition I think many people thought Miyazaki might dominate this competition like he usded to dominate the All Japans (he holds the record as a six-time winner.

Onda sensei I know nothing about, however Ishida sensei is very well-known outside Japan.

The AJKF have been very quick to upload this year, with it seems nearly all the matches available on their Youtube already. Goran kudasai! https://www.youtube.com/user/ZennipponKendoRenmei

Training starts this Saturday (no training Wednesday).


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