BBQ this Saturday is on!

OK, so the forecast isn't great, but it's OK. 20 degrees and 10% chance of rain... so we'll go ahead with our barbie at Malahang. 

The BBQ will go from 12.30 to 2pm, and I suggest that everyone brings what they need in the way of food and drink to training that morning. It can be stored in one of the fridges in the hall's kitchen. Then we can go to Malahang as soon as we pack up and get changed.

I think keep it simple and light. Bring enough to feed yourself and any offspring/family you may have with you, but don't worry about catering for everybody. If your thing is salads, just bring salad. If it's sausage-in-bread then do that.

I'm going to bring some of this to celebrate with, you might want to bring something soft. See you at training!


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