Change of training venue for first training of term 2

On Saturday 21 April we will be relocating training for one week only to Craigieburn Martial Arts Centre at 2/19 Export Road Craigieburn. The centre has its own Kendo Dojo and is privately owned and run by Leanne Walsh and her husband Kevin. Leanne is also the current VKR Treasurer, and our man Stilts is their Kendo instructor, so there are plenty of friendly connections!

We will meet at St Pius at 9.00am so the beginners and others can get their bogu, then we will set out at 9.30 for Cragieburn (about a 25 min drive). Training will go from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon. There will be no special fee for the training, it will just be considered one of our normal trainings. However being the first training of term, our usual fees will be due (term two is a 10 week term).

There will also be new shinai and bokuto available for purchase:

new shinai and bokuto in bags for beginners...

...and some extra shinai (including more expensive madake shinai) for seniors. I also have around five new kodachi (wooden short swords) for any of the seniors who do not own their own yet.


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