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Various videos relating to discussions at training

This is where I stayed when I took the family to Japan in 2014. Just sayin'... And this is where Mariko's Kendo club in Kyoto goes for their gasshuku: (the shrine itself)   (the venue and accomodation) Kato soke performing Iai kata "Muko" at the three different levels: jo, ha and kyu.  . Kato soke and Kato Hiroshi sensei performing "Marui" in the manner I described this morning (although I couldn't find their version of "Muko" in this style).

Michi Martial Arts website down until 2 June

MUKEN Taikai 2018

This competition is open to all VKR members who meet entry crtieria: It will be held in the  West Stadium of the Melbourne Uni Sports Centre. The format of the competition is a mixed individual knock-out, with the top two winners of each division progressing to the next division. There will be five divisions: Beginners  (For members who began their kendo training in  2017  with   no prior experience) Junior Kyu  (6th Kyu – 3rd Kyu) Senior Kyu  (2nd Kyu - 1st Kyu) Junior Dan  (1st Dan - 2nd Dan) Senior Dan  (3rd Dan - 4th Dan) *Subject to change Opening ceremony will open at   11:45pm on   the day. However, this is subject to change.   More details to be sent out later. There will be a  $15 entry fee  for each competitor. Please fill in the registration form (spreadsheet) with all the competitors name from your club and make the payment to the   club's (muken's)bank account  BY  Friday  16 th  May. 

Training this Wednesday starts at 8pm

I will not be at training this Wednesday but training will go ahead, from 8 to 9pm

kendogi and hakama options for beginners

These kendogi and hakama are recommended for our newest members. The "Musashi" pattern kendogi at bottom is recommended for kids as the fabric is not so bulky and easier for small arms to move in. There is also a white Musashi kendogi available. There are no rules out which is more suitable, just a matter of personal choice.