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2018 Kangeiko report and pics/Aoi is leaving/Okada sensei seminar dates

This year's Kangeiko was a great success and topped off a successful term. The turnout at this year's Kangeiko held in Ballarat was fantastic. Special thanks to Oliver, Barnett and Goletsos senseis for their help. It was so cold even the Ballarat locals stayed away: apart from Oliver sensei and Daniel! The early meeting in the cold at Southern Cross; finding that the training hall was colder than the outside air temperature; lots of kirikaeshi variations (see above), lots of shiai practice, lots of mawarigeiko (well done Kyoka and Josh for not dropping out) and finishing off with bokuto kihon, the day was full and varied. We started with feet like blocks of ice and then at the end they almost froze up again. There was lots to share for lunch ( too much for some...), and a delicious dinner at Brown Grain Thai in the evening. They were great to fit us all in and find space for our bogu and shinai. The train ride home was wonderful not having to worry about traffic and

Bring an umbrella for the trip and a jacket to wear over your dogi during rest periods

This plum blossom was picked today, in the absolute 'dead of winter'. This is why the plum blossom, or 'baika' is revered in Japan. It is the first sign of new life, the first of the dormant fruit trees to put forth the effort to bloom. As a result, they make it look like everyone else follows their lead; that the other trees are reminded to wake up by seeing the plum and its flowers. This is a great example of the transformative power of effort. It's especially a reminder of how lonely it can be if you're the first to step up, but what amazing positive impact that has on the others around you who you thought were asleep. They will be able to draw on your strength and will be inspired, consciously or unconsciously, by your example. You can be the sign that things are going to get better. Let's keep this in mind tomorrow!

Kangeiko update!

Kangeiko is almost upon us! Here are the latest details for quick reference. Meet : 7.00am Southern Cross station with your shinai , bokuto and dogu (uniform and armour). Don't forget your tenugui. Or maybe two if you have them. We will be catching the 7.16am train which arrives at Ballarat at 8.40am. If you miss the train for whatever reason, there is another at 8.16 that arrives at 9.40am. You will still get to do plenty of Kendo! Cost : Training is free but BYO lunch and snacks. Adults need a Myki with at least $40.00 credit. Children/students need their pre-paid school myki or a standard myki (+their student card) with at least $20.00 credit. Dinner will be everyone paying for themselves. Venue : Eastwood Leisure Complex,  20 Eastwood St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350 Start/finish : Kangeiko will start at 9am and go all day until 5pm, with breaks for morning and afternoon tea and also lunch. Dinner : has been relocated to Brown Grain Thai Restaura

VKR/AKR membership fees due now

Membership fees for MY2019 are now due. Thanks to everyone who has already paid. Below is a list of those people who my records show haven't yet paid ($70 adult, $45 junior): Sean, Greg, Alex D., Price family, Donovan family, Josh G., Josh C., Jack T., Shan, Yuta, Jordan Please email me if you have any queries: nanseikan at gmail dotcom We have a monster list this year of 30 people! That's $1800.00 into VKR/AKR coffers: money that also helps these champs get to the WKC in Korea in September!

Kangeiko is not far away! RSVP for training and the dinner by Sun 17/6

Just a reminder that this year's Kangeiko is not far away! It will be held at the Eastwood Leisure Complex in Ballarat. The date is Saturday 23 June which is also our last training for term 2. The plan is to meet at Southern Cross Station at 7.00am to catch the 7.16am train. The train arrives at Ballarat station at 8.40am and from there it is a 5-10 min walk to the venue. We will finish training at around 4pm, shower nd change then will head to dinner nearby. The closest Japanese option is not open on Saturday evenings (Google says they are but I rang and they said no). Squire's Loft is within easy walking distance and on the way to the station. It is good for meat-eaters, however vegetarians would have to make-do with salads and vegetable side orders. Asahi Restaurant is a bit more of a walk but is an option.  Please let me know your thoughts with your RSVP. We will catch the 9.15 pm train back to Melbourne. The train is scheduled to arrive at Southern Cross at 10

Shinoda sensei visit this week

Shinoda sensei (standing far right) in 2012 on the occasion of Takizawa sensei's visit) Shinoda sensei is visiting Melbourne this week with some other high-ranked Japanese sensei. There will be training at the Kenshikan Thursday and Friday, details below. The fee is $10 per training. All VKR members are welcome to attend. 7th Jun (Thur)  - Normal MBK Kendo Keiko (7:30pm - 9pm) 8th Jun (Fri)  - Special MBK Kendo Keiko  (warm ups at 6:30pm, keiko 7pm til approx. 8:30pm)  Visiting Senseis: Iwaya sensei (kyoshi 7th dan) Kajihara sensei (kyoshi 7th dan) Shinoda sensei (renshi 6th dan) Sanada sensei (6th dan) Kawakami sensei (5th dan)