2018 Kangeiko report and pics/Aoi is leaving/Okada sensei seminar dates

This year's Kangeiko was a great success and topped off a successful term. The turnout at this year's Kangeiko held in Ballarat was fantastic. Special thanks to Oliver, Barnett and Goletsos senseis for their help. It was so cold even the Ballarat locals stayed away: apart from Oliver sensei and Daniel!
The early meeting in the cold at Southern Cross; finding that the training hall was colder than the outside air temperature; lots of kirikaeshi variations (see above), lots of shiai practice, lots of mawarigeiko (well done Kyoka and Josh for not dropping out) and finishing off with bokuto kihon, the day was full and varied. We started with feet like blocks of ice and then at the end they almost froze up again.

There was lots to share for lunch (too much for some...), and a delicious dinner at Brown Grain Thai in the evening. They were great to fit us all in and find space for our bogu and shinai.

The train ride home was wonderful not having to worry about traffic and being able to chat to anyone, while Joon danced up and down the aisle entertaining us all. 

Photos at bottom of this post.

Aoi leaving us
It's Aoi san's turn to return home after finishing her studies at Deakin. She has a couple more years to go to finish the Japanese part of her university studies and then launch into her future. I know we will see her again one day.

In the mean time, her last training happens to be the first training for term three, Saturday 21 July. So please spare some time on that day after training to come to lunch after training and farewell her.

Hachidan seminar
The Melbourne Budokai have organised a seminar with 8 dan sensei Okada Morimasa. Okada sensei has been to Melbourne on a number of occasions and his teaching is always amazing.

Visit and Kendo Seminar  - 27th July to 30th July 2018
Melbourne Budokai would like to invite you learn from, and practice with, our visiting Sensei:
OKADA Morimasa sensei (Kyoshi 8th Dan). Okada sensei will be joined by:
ITO Masataka sensei (Kyoshi 7th Dan)
MATSUO Hironori sensei (Kyoshi 7th Dan)
MURAOKA Kozo sensei (Renshi 7th Dan)


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