Bring an umbrella for the trip and a jacket to wear over your dogi during rest periods

This plum blossom was picked today, in the absolute 'dead of winter'. This is why the plum blossom, or 'baika' is revered in Japan. It is the first sign of new life, the first of the dormant fruit trees to put forth the effort to bloom. As a result, they make it look like everyone else follows their lead; that the other trees are reminded to wake up by seeing the plum and its flowers.

This is a great example of the transformative power of effort. It's especially a reminder of how lonely it can be if you're the first to step up, but what amazing positive impact that has on the others around you who you thought were asleep. They will be able to draw on your strength and will be inspired, consciously or unconsciously, by your example. You can be the sign that things are going to get better.

Let's keep this in mind tomorrow!


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