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Last minute info about Okada seminar - important!

Firstly, don't forget your bokuto (as well as shinai and bogu). Secondly, the seminar will be on Netball courts 1 and 2 at MSAC. Registrations at 9am, seminar start at 9.30. The morning session will finish at 12.30. Lunch will be an hour, then arvo session from 1.30 to 4.30. There will be a mide-morning and mid-afternoon break as well. Sunday's schedule is identical. Yano sensei of MBK has let me know that they are happy to waive the seminar fee for anyone who can only attend the morning session. This is very kind of them. You may however still feel like making a donation of some kind to the running costs of the event. This is what I'll be doing. See you there!

REMINDER: Training at MSAC this Saturday

This Saturday we will all be attending the morning session of the Okada sensei seminar at MSAC Albert Park. This is partly because there will be no electricity at our dojo while the electricity company does repairs. Please be there on time! Seminar will start 9.30am sharp. Also, you will need a bokuto as well as shinai. Okada sensei will look at the following areas across the weekend: bokuto kihon kendo kata kihon waza shiai technique jigeiko The cost for one day is $40, children 15 and under are free. There is no half day fee unfortunately, but think of it as a donation to the Melbourne Budokai. I assure you, as the organisers they won't be making money out of this weekend!

Urgent! Change of venue for next Saturday's training

Next Saturday there will be no training at Nanseikan. Instead we will be at MSAC Albert Park to take part in the Okada sensei seminar . In recognition of this, this term will be reduced to eight weeks instead of nine, for the purposes of our dojo fees. This change our schedule is to make use of a great opportunity to learn from an excellent Japanese 8th dan sensei. For those of you who haven't seen really high level Kendo before, it will be quite amazing. This is something that not a lot of martial arts practitioners have access to. The seminar is $40 for one day, or $70 for both Saturday and Sunday. If you can only stay for the morning that's fine, just note that there is no half day fee. Considering that the Melbourne Budokai is bringing out Okada sensei and three assistant instructors I think it's reasonable price to pay. The only other way to get this kind of instruction is to go to Japan. Kids under 15 and under are free. We need to be at MSAC by 9.00am, dres

Welcome back to term 3! Gradings and competition

This term is a busy one! With the Victorian Kendo Championships on the 11-12 August and the gradings on 2 September (6-3 kyu) and 30 September (2 kyu- 4 dan), there will be lots of opportunity to demonstrate what you've learned in training. We will also have a new group of beginners starting on 11 August . Lastly there is the Interhigh Gasshuku on 1 and 2 September . Phew! Below are the details of the VKC. Entries need to be in by Friday 27th, so we will decide this weekend on what events we will enter as a club. So have a think about your availability and what you would like to enter this week! Lastly but not leastly, there WILL BE training on this Wednesday!

A little holiday viewing

This is a new video of demonstrations and interviews with members of the Tatsumi Ryu, including the current soke (headmaster). It's in Japanese, but there's a lot of interesting stuff to observe.

Okada sensei seminar update

More details about the upcoming seminar with Okada Morimasa sensei.   Okada sensei seminar, further details: Official Seminar Saturday 28th July and Sunday 29th July Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre 30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC Arrive by 9:00am Start 9:30am and finishing 4:30pm both days Lunch: B.Y.O. Dinner: To be confirmed Seminar Fees: • Adults $70 for both days • Students $50 for both days • Adults/students $40 for one day • Students under 15 years old are free. Seminar content: To be advised, but please bring bokuto/bokken. We also anticipate that there will be a chance for an informal keiko session as follows. As this will be at Kenshikan Dojo, we may limit the number of participants on a first come, first serve basis due to the size of the dojo: Friday 27th July Keiko Session for 1 hour Kenshikan Dojo Arrive by 5:30pm, Keiko Start 6:00pm Keiko Finish 7:00pm Here is an example of Okada sensei's teaching from a previous visit to Melbourne: http://shugo-nan