REMINDER: Training at MSAC this Saturday

This Saturday we will all be attending the morning session of the Okada sensei seminar at MSAC Albert Park. This is partly because there will be no electricity at our dojo while the electricity company does repairs.

Please be there on time! Seminar will start 9.30am sharp.

Also, you will need a bokuto as well as shinai.

Okada sensei will look at the following areas across the weekend:

  • bokuto kihon
  • kendo kata
  • kihon waza
  • shiai technique
  • jigeiko
The cost for one day is $40, children 15 and under are free. There is no half day fee unfortunately, but think of it as a donation to the Melbourne Budokai. I assure you, as the organisers they won't be making money out of this weekend!


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