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Tameshigiri is hard!

These guys are not amateurs. This is the 2015 national comp of the All Japan Battodo Renmei, a branch of iaido that does tameshigiri regularly. Admittedly they're pretty good with the single mat, it's the multiples that seem to defeat most comers. I think I noticed some of the successful ones using extra large blades. Enjoy!

training relocates next week to Kenshikan+ videos

Next week training will be at Kenshikan. Training will be normal time 9am to 11am. Beginners also will be training for the two hours. The Kenshikan is 91-99 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne. Our training will be overlapping with the first session of the annual Interhigh Gasshuku. Part of that will be a naginata demonstration and workshop. Depending on numbers and resources, Nanseikan members may be able to join in. This will be from about 10.30 or 11am. This is an important opportunity for those who haven't been to the Kenshikan before to become a little bit familiar with the place prior to their first grading on the Sunday. Below is an excellent video by Andy Fisher, CEO of Kendostar, showing how to correctly wear the kendogi and hakama (together they are called dogi ). Take note of everything he does EXCEPT wearing a black tshirt under the kendogi. This is a big NO-NO in my book. The only kind of undershirt that should be seen under the kendogi is a v-neck uwagi, and that&#

Vote to upgrade our dojo!

Pick My Project is a Victorian Governnment initiative to distribute grants to projects in the community. If you live within 5km of the dojo then please go to , create an account and vote! You must choose three projects and can only vote for each once, so make sure one of them is the St Pius X Hall upgrade: If you're not sure how close you live, the website will tell you once you register whether you can vote for the hall upgrade or not. Let's hope we get it across the line!

VKR junior training at Kenshikan

The next VKR Junior Kendo Keiko will be held on  August 26 from 1 to 3 pm at the Kenshikan, West Melbourne. Future keiko dates will be on: October 28  1-3pm November 18  12-2pm

VKC update

Due to some administrative issues on both sides, the Nanseikan kyu team has had to be withdrawn from the competition. I'll speak to this more in person next Saturday. We will still be fielding Mick, Sean, Andrew, Chie and me in the Veterans' comp, Chie and Sean in the Kata and Ben, Sean, Andrew, Mick and me in the Open team. Even though no-one is now competing in the first event Sunday, it is necessary for everyone who is competing to be there to register between 8.00am and 8.45am . This is also the time for the shinai check. So thanks Mick for the offer to take everyone's shinai but you will all need to be there anyway! The running order for Sunday is: men's kyu team women's kyu team veteran's indiv. kata women's open team men's open team The day is scheduled to go from 9am to 5pm with 45 min for lunch, subject to change! Exact start times for each event or lunch are not yet finalised. At this stage the day will probably go longer, but