training relocates next week to Kenshikan+ videos

Next week training will be at Kenshikan. Training will be normal time 9am to 11am.

Beginners also will be training for the two hours.

The Kenshikan is 91-99 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne.

Our training will be overlapping with the first session of the annual Interhigh Gasshuku. Part of that will be a naginata demonstration and workshop. Depending on numbers and resources, Nanseikan members may be able to join in. This will be from about 10.30 or 11am.

This is an important opportunity for those who haven't been to the Kenshikan before to become a little bit familiar with the place prior to their first grading on the Sunday.

Below is an excellent video by Andy Fisher, CEO of Kendostar, showing how to correctly wear the kendogi and hakama (together they are called dogi). Take note of everything he does EXCEPT wearing a black tshirt under the kendogi. This is a big NO-NO in my book. The only kind of undershirt that should be seen under the kendogi is a v-neck uwagi, and that's a bit excessive for training. You can wear anything you like underneath your dogi, so long as it can't be seen!

And this is the best folding video I could find. At least the best quality one that was similar to the way I do it.


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