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WKC live stream!!

2018 WKC starts tomorrow!

As well as the links in the previous post , this Youtube channel will be televising the WKC. Above is from the Korean National 8 dan final. And for a complete schedule of which members of the Australian squad will be competing when, go to the Australian Team Support page:

17th World Kendo Championships this Friday!

Namdong Stadium, Incheon Here are some links to get you in the WKC mood. Australian team facebook: Australian team Instagram: @australian_kendo 17 WKC schedule: video stream (available when competition starts): There may also be a live Youtube channel, IG-TV channel or Facebook Live. Will keep you posted. Other places to watch out for highlights packages: Kendo World's Youtube channel: AJKF's Youtube channel: Let'sKendo's Youtube channel:

Grading success... Hokkaido police video

Well done to everyone who passed their grading last Sunday, especially those whose first grading it was. Commiserations to those who didn't pass but as they say in Japanese 七転び八起き "Knocked down seven times, get up eight." (Thanks to Anna for the great pic!) Also, for Jordan in particular but everyone in general, this: