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What's the best method of reaching you?

An ongoing issue for me is how to best reach everyone with information about the club and Kendo-related events, particularly at short notice. I was hoping that the email subscribe feature here on Blogger would work but it seems people aren't always getting notification of new posts in their email. If you've a notification about this post in your email, could you leave a brief comment below? I suspect that some are not receiving them because the notification is going straight to their junk mailbox. I'm hoping this is the problem, not some more fundamental issue with cnames and anames and DNSs and stuff I generally don't understand. Blogger's online help community is not super up-to-date. Also, if anyone knows of another platform that might work, and that's not too 'needy', could they let me know? I've tried Twitter and TeamApp, but Twitter especially is way too intrusive and very hard to delete. 

VKR junior training times

The remaining junior trainings with Matsumoto sensei at the Kenshikan are: Sunday October 28: 12:30 – 2pm Sunday November 18: 12 – 2pm

Please organise to pay term fees tomorrow

It's a 10 week term (my mistake earlier, apologies). Much appreciated!  :)

Term 4 news (training starts 13 Oct)

Congratulations to Sean on passing his 3rd dan grading last Sunday at the Kenshikan! It is a great achievement and testament to Sean's commitment to regular training. His Kendo is informed by the depth of his experience in other martial arts. From 3rd dan, in Australia at least, the expectation is that you will start to move into a mentoring role. Sean is already doing that through his teaching at Parade College. From now he will also be expected to attend shinpan seminars and experience life on the other side of the red and white flags. In Kendo, the gap between each grade gets bigger the higher you go, so it's no shame to fail. Whether you pass or fail, each grading offers a unique chance to learn more about your Kendo. Congratulations also to Eric, who passed his 2 kyu. While not a Nanseikan member per se, Eric has become a familiar face at Nanseikan through his consistent attendance on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Well done Eric! Komeda sensei seminar Th