Term 4 news (training starts 13 Oct)

Congratulations to Sean on passing his 3rd dan grading last Sunday at the Kenshikan! It is a great achievement and testament to Sean's commitment to regular training. His Kendo is informed by the depth of his experience in other martial arts. From 3rd dan, in Australia at least, the expectation is that you will start to move into a mentoring role. Sean is already doing that through his teaching at Parade College. From now he will also be expected to attend shinpan seminars and experience life on the other side of the red and white flags.

In Kendo, the gap between each grade gets bigger the higher you go, so it's no shame to fail. Whether you pass or fail, each grading offers a unique chance to learn more about your Kendo.

Congratulations also to Eric, who passed his 2 kyu. While not a Nanseikan member per se, Eric has become a familiar face at Nanseikan through his consistent attendance on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Well done Eric!

Komeda sensei seminar
There will be a seminar at the Shubukan Dojo outside of Sydney on the 13 and 14th October. The seminar is $85.00 plus $110 for accommodation and meals at the dojo. I've never been there but the photos show it to be an amazing place. Bookings must be complete by 10 October. Click here for registration.

Komeda Toshiro sensei is the instructor at Kyushu Gakuin, one of the top three strongest high schools in Japan for Kendo. Check out their competitive style here. The focus of the weekend will be shiai. I wish I could go so that I could meet and observe such an esteemed teacer of high school Kendo!

Ballarat Goldfields Taikai
The now annual Goldfields Taikai will be running on Saturday 10 November at Eastwood Leisure Centre, Ballarat (same venue as this year's kangeiko). It is an interesting format: only 12 entrants in the kyu grade and 24 in the dan grade, mixed gender, with the winner of kyu grade gaining a place in the dan grade competition. It's a knock-out format, so you have to win! Entries close 1st November and costs $15. Contact: ballaratkendoclub at gmail.

Victorian Junior Kendo Taikai
Save the date! Sunday 2 December, from 12.30pm, at the Kenshikan

Nanseikan Shochugeiko
All day, Saturday 15 December. Location TBA!


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