What's the best method of reaching you?

An ongoing issue for me is how to best reach everyone with information about the club and Kendo-related events, particularly at short notice.

I was hoping that the email subscribe feature here on Blogger would work but it seems people aren't always getting notification of new posts in their email.

If you've a notification about this post in your email, could you leave a brief comment below? I suspect that some are not receiving them because the notification is going straight to their junk mailbox. I'm hoping this is the problem, not some more fundamental issue with cnames and anames and DNSs and stuff I generally don't understand. Blogger's online help community is not super up-to-date.

Also, if anyone knows of another platform that might work, and that's not too 'needy', could they let me know? I've tried Twitter and TeamApp, but Twitter especially is way too intrusive and very hard to delete. 


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