2018 shochugeiko on the beach

This year's end-of-year summer training, or shochugeiko, will be held at Blairgowrie Community Hall, 8 William Rd. View Map

We will meet at the dojo at 6.30am and set out at 7.00, aiming to arrive at Blairgowrie by 8.30. We will train until around 3.30-4pm, then head to the beach which as you can see from the map is about 100m away! St John's Wood Rd shops are also walking distance, which means fish and chips and/or pizza for tea I reckon.

It looks like we will have access to a 12-seater bus, but even so we will probably need to do some car-pooling as well.

The hall is about the same size as our dojo, perhaps a tiny bit smaller.

The date for shochugeiko is Saturday 15 December.


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