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More Shochugeiko photos

These are courtesy of Kyohei and Tomoko.

Soon passes 3 dan grading in Brussels

Congratulations to Soon for passing his 3rd dan in Brussels yesterday! Apparently it was quite a strict grading with a low pass rate. Soon has been living and working in London for the past 18 months. You can often see him at training via London Kenyukai's Instagram . Well done Soon and we hope to see you Melbourne again soon!

2018 Nanseikan Shochugeiko in Blairgowrie photos

Thanks to Anna for sharing these photos. We had such a wonderful time I think we might have to do it again! Nanseikan end-of-year training, Blairgowrie Community Hall.

Kendo seminars in 2019

There are a number of seminars coming up in 2019, some of them before we start back at training, so please be advised. artist's impression of expected 2019 hatsugeiko at Kenshikan Hatsugeiko (first training) at Kenshikan, 31 December/1 January The Kenshikan has established something of a tradition of New Year's training and all VKR members are welcome to attend. " The dojo will open at 10:30pm and then training will start before a small pause just before midnight to allow the participants to have a celebratory drink to usher in 2019 and then training will continue for about 45 minutes or so.   After training has concluded, participants are welcome to remain to have a bite to eat and drinks as per last year….or should I say this year?  Therefore people attending this event are encouraged to bring food, drinks, dessert to share with everyone.  We hope you can make it!"  Kristine Ventura, MBK Secretary Fujiwara sensei: 17 to 22 January 2019

Blairgowrie shochugeiko - organising the details

Next Saturday 15th December will be our trip to Blairgowrie. We can use the St Pius bus which can fit 12 people plus luggage. Please let me know in the comments if you are coming and if you want a seat on the bus, or whether you are planning to drive. I've decided we can meet up and leave a little later than previously mentioned. We will meet at the dojo at 7.00am and leave at 7.30am . This will make it a little easier for people like Chie who have to travel further. It means we will start a little later (probably arriving by about 9.30am) but I think we can still do plenty of keiko. We will also finish a little earlier than usual, about 3.30pm. The weather forecast at this stage is 28 degrees and chance of showers. Leave a comment below with your name and how you wish to travel. All food for the day BYO and dinner will be purchased from Blairgowrie shops (either f&c or pizza). There is no extra charge for the training for Nanseikan members. For non Nanseikan mem