Blairgowrie shochugeiko - organising the details

Next Saturday 15th December will be our trip to Blairgowrie.

We can use the St Pius bus which can fit 12 people plus luggage.

Please let me know in the comments if you are coming and if you want a seat on the bus, or whether you are planning to drive.

I've decided we can meet up and leave a little later than previously mentioned.

We will meet at the dojo at 7.00am and leave at 7.30am. This will make it a little easier for people like Chie who have to travel further. It means we will start a little later (probably arriving by about 9.30am) but I think we can still do plenty of keiko. We will also finish a little earlier than usual, about 3.30pm. The weather forecast at this stage is 28 degrees and chance of showers.

Leave a comment below with your name and how you wish to travel.

All food for the day BYO and dinner will be purchased from Blairgowrie shops (either f&c or pizza). There is no extra charge for the training for Nanseikan members. For non Nanseikan members it is $20 for the day.

Venue is Blairgowrie Community Hall, 12 William Rd.

As always feel free to email me via nanseikan at gmail if you have any other questions, or if I've forgotten to mention something.

Don't forget to bring bathers and a towel!


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