Reminder: grading dates and related info

The 2nd kyu to 4th dan grading will be on Sunday 17th March.

The rescheduled 6th kyu to 3rd kyu grading will be on Sunday 24th March.

Both gradings will start at 12.30 for registration and the first grading will commence at 1pm. Questions for those going for dan grades are below. Please email me for a copy. You are allowed to complete the answers before the grading but they must be submitted on a hard copy of the official answer sheet. Nidan candidates note well: the phrase 'opportunities for datotsu' is a specific one and should be researched thoroughly. The Japanese is "datotsu no kikai" 打突の機会 . It is related to "mittsu no sen" 三つの先

All the kyu grading requirements are listed here:

Questions for Shodan to Yondan Grading
 Please answer one of the following questions for the level for which you are grading.
 Bring your answers and hand them in to the grading administrators when you register on the day.
 Answers should not be more than one page. (Typed or legibly handwritten.)
 Please use the answer sheet below.
 Do not put your name on the answer sheet.
Shodan Candidates
1) Explain what you want to learn from training in Kendo.
2) Explain Maai.
Nidan Candidates
1) Explain why etiquette is important to Kendo.
2) Explain the opportunity for Datotsu.
Sandan Candidates
1) Explain why it is important to do Kendo Kata.
2) Explain why it is necessary to do Kiri-kaeshi.
Yondan Candidates
1) Explain what is important about learning basics in Kendo.
2) Explain the meaning of Zanshin.
3) Explain the correct manner of Kendo.


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