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VKR, AKR and other matters, please read and consider

There are four things coming up that Nanseikan members should consider. VKR First Aid initiative The VKR wants each club to have at least one trained first aider. They are willing to subsidise the cost of the course which will take place on 1 June. Applications were due on 28th this month but the deadline has been extended. Please go to this link for details. AKR Secretary and Treasurer positions The AKR is looking for volunteers to fill these positions. Secretary position description: Treasurer position description: MUKEN 30th anniversary taikai and dinner Melbourne Uni Kendo Club is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with an all-day taikai and dinner afterwards in Ly

Welcome to term two.

Welcome back! This term, please be prompt with dojo fees, paying them on the first day. Also, VKR/AKR membership fees will be due this term by the first week in June. More about that closer to time. Well done to Victoria in the recent AKCs. Both the men's and women's dan teams won this year! Please enjoy this video above. Takachiho High School is in Miyazaki Prefecture, not far from Kagoshima. This video has English captions, so you can read what they have to say about training, especially Noguchi sensei, their kantoku. He has some really nice ideas and a very calm and warm personality by the look of it. I hope watching the video helps inspire you for the term ahead. Speaking of which, we will have two weeks of interruptions this term: Sat 11 May and Sat 18 May. There will definitely be no training on the 18th (election day), but I will consider an alternative venue for the 11th. More info soon. This means that term two is an eight-week term.  We will start Wednesda

term 2 starts this Saturday

I hope everyone has enjoyed some time off over Easter. Below are the results from this year's AKC held in Perth. See you Saturday! MEN’S KYU INDIVIDUALS CHAMPIONSHIP 1st    James OH (NSW) 2nd    James O'NEILL (VIC) Equal 3rd    Ngoc Minh PHAM (NSW), Paolo Inigo USARES (NSW) WOMEN’S KYU INDIVIDUALS CHAMPIONSHIP 1st    Xiaodong ZHAO (ACT) 2nd    Yuk Ting Alice WONG (NSW) Equal 3rd    Iris SOMERA (NSW), Samantha Mi ZHONG (NSW) VETERANS INDIVIDUALS CHAMPIONSHIP 1st    Chiharu FUKUMOTO (WA) 2nd    Toshio NISHIMOTO (NT) Equal 3rd    Brian BRESTOVAC (WA), Noriko MATSUMOTO (VIC) WOMEN’S DAN INDIVIDUALS CHAMPIONSHIP 1st    Yumiko BUNNEY (WA) 2nd    Yue Julie FENG (NSW) Equal 3rd    Susan BONAR (WA), Nobuko FUJITO (NSW) MEN’S DAN INDIVIDUALS CHAMPIONSHIP 1st    Jayson CHAPLIN (NSW) 2nd    Kelvin Trong-Nang TRAN (NSW) Equal 3rd    Takayuki SUZUKI (VIC),    Richard T’EN (VIC) TEAM EVENTS MEN’S KYU TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIP 1st    NEW SOUTH WALES 2nd    WESTERN AUSTRALIA Equal 3rd    NORTHERN